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Colin Wells

Colin Wells is the Managing Director of Wizard Worldwide. Colin Wells is a classically trained musician with a vision to teach the world to play. Colin Wells had music training in piano, clarinet, theory of music and singing from an early age. Colin Wells went to the Purcell School of Music in Harrow, London, and later obtained a degree in music. Colin Wells cannot play the guitar without the Guitar Wizard™ device.

Colin Wells Would Like To Teach The World To Play

I am Colin Wells. As a youngster I spent thousands of hours learning music and was fortunate in that my parents were supportive and made personal sacrifices in order to pay for my lessons and traditional music education. With the Wizard Worldwide Guitar System™, which features the Guitar Wizard™ device, the Wizard Worldwide Piano Keyboard System™, Wizard Worldwide™ music publications, which take Wizard Music™ further so that Wizard™ Music can be created from all forms of traditional music and Wizard Music™ itself, the immense cost and practising time traditional music lessons require is no longer necessary.

I have worked professionally as a singer, pianist and composer. I am a qualified teacher and have taught music to people of all ages from 3 years of age. Most of my teaching career was spent teaching people from 11 to 18. I love teaching and believe the world's most important resource is its young so I felt it a priviledge to be able to teach them. I left teaching full-time in order to teach the world to play music and form Wizard Worldwide™.

I hope you like this website and the products. I hope you will be playing music very soon. If you already play, I hope you will take the opportunity to learn a new instrument in a day instead of years.

Colin Wells (Wizard Worldwide) has patents, copyright and other protection on all Colin Wells inventions, systems and methods. Colin Wells has trade marks that Colin Wells (Wizard Worldwide) use throughout this site. Colin Wells (Wizard Worldwide) indicates a trade mark, where one is used many times on a page, once on that page thus: Guitar Wizard™ device.

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