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Guitar Buying Tips

Buy Guitar Tips: I have a guitar. Do I need to buy a new one?

Tip 1: No. The Wizard Worldwide Guitar System works on all guitars so to start with, use the one you have got.

Buy Guitar Tips: I do not have a guitar. How much should I spend?

Tip 2: Do not buy one of the incredibly cheap guitars. They usually do not stay in tune and are much more difficult to play than slightly more expensive guitars which are good value, fun to play because they work and stay in tune.

Buy Guitar Tips: What type should I buy?

Tip 3: Think about the type of guitar you want. Electric guitars are great fun but you need a power supply, a lead and an amplifier in order to use them. They are therefore more difficult to carry around and play outside. Classical and acoustic guitars do not need a power supply, lead or amplifier so are much more portable and can be used outside.

Buy Guitar Tips: How are the guitars different?

Tip 4: Classical guitars have nylon strings and a wider fret board than both classical and acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars have metal strings, as do electric guitars, and they usually sound louder than classical guitars. Purchasing a bag with a new guitar is essential if you are going to carry it around, otherwise it may get damaged. If you are not going to transport it very often, you do not need a bag but keep the packaging for when you move house/flat etc to protect it.

Buy Guitar Tips: Should I buy a smaller guitar for a small child?

Tip 5: Wizard Worldwide do not recommend you purchase smaller guitars for small children. However, if you feel you want to buy a half or three-quarter size guitar for a child, we do sell them and suggest you purchase a smaller classical AK20 guitar for them since it is a good guitar and it is cheaper than the adult version. As the child grows they will need a full-size guitar so do not spend a fortune on a half or three-quarter size guitar, as they will outgrow it.

Tip 6: We recommend you purchase normal size guitars even for children which they will be able to use all their life. The Wizard Worldwide Guitar System works on all guitars and, since fingering is not necessary, children will have no problem using the system. Wizard Worldwide recommend small children use an electric guitar with a lead and amplifier (with supervision according to the age and responsibility of the child) since they will need less pressure to push the Guitar Wizard™ device against the strings and the fret board is narrow for their smaller hands to use.

Buy Guitar Tips: How will I know which guitar to buy?

Tip 7: If you are new to guitars, or do not know a lot about them, you will not know which guitar to buy. In order to help you, Wizard Worldwide have done the research for you.

Buy Guitar Tips: What did your research find out?

Tip 8: We spent a year testing lots of guitars and found Aria Guitars to be the best value for money (and the best guitars in our opinion). "Guitarist" magazine gave an Aria acoustic guitar a 5 star (the highest) rating recently. With a different brand name, this guitar would probably be more than twice the price tag. Our special website price for the AW20 Acoustic guitar, which we recommend, is £99.95 (including shipping and handling/post and packing as with all our other prices).

Tip 9: Aria Guitars are excellent value for money and we chose them over leading brand names not just because they are better value for money but also because we think they are better guitars!

Tip 10: We have chosen what we consider to be the best value for money guitars. They are good quality, not just cheaper than other guitars, they all work well and are checked by us and tuned the special Wizard Worldwide way before they leave us. You will need to tune them again after their journey and at intervals thereafter as all guitars go out of tune with time. If you have bought the Wizard Worldwide Guitar System™, you have a digital chromatic tuner and you can use it regularly to get your guitar perfectly in tune (using our special tuning) by eye.

Buy Guitar Tips: Left-handed guitars always cost more; do yours?

Tip 11: We don't believe it is fair to discriminate against left-handed people so we offer left-handed acoustic and electric guitars, where left-handed guitar versions are manufactured, at the same price as right-handed ones. Simply pick the left-handed version in the guitar department in the shop section on this website and it will appear on your order form at the same price as the right-handed version. A classical guitar is easy to convert to left-handed use: you just need to string it the other way around. Unfortunately this is not the case for acoustic and electric guitars which need to be manufactured in left-handed format in order to work properly.

Buy Guitar Tips: Can I buy an expensive guitar from you?

Tip 12: We could sell much more expensive guitars than the ones shown in our shop but we are unprepared to do so. If you want to spend £500 or more on a guitar, we recommend you go to lots of music shops and choose the one you like, having tried them all out. Guitars are similar to other products. You could test drive 5 cars of exactly the same make and model and they would all look the same but the performance would be different from car to car. The same applies to guitars and is one of the reasons we check all the guitars we sell before we ship/post them.

Tip 13: We do not recommend you buy expensive guitars on the internet generally (they are all different and you need to try them out to see which one suits you). Do not buy an expensive guitar before you know exactly what you want. We believe the guitars we recommend you buy on this website are excellent value for money. They will be fun to learn with, they sound great and stay in tune. You will not need to buy another guitar but may find you want to buy an expensive guitar later on.

Buy Guitar Tips: How quickly will I get a guitar from you?

Tip 14: Delivery times vary throughout the world, according to where you live, but we ship products as quickly as we can.

Buy Guitar Tips: How can I purchase in £ (Pounds Sterling)?

Tip 15: If you live outside the UK, you can pay by credit card and be billed in your country's currency. We do not have shop overheads and so are able to sell the guitars we recommend to you, at these special website prices, wherever you live.

Tip 16: Wizard Worldwide are selling guitars throughout the world. The price you pay is the price you see inclusive of all shipping and handling/post and packing and other charges. If you would like to look at our guitars, you can enter our shop and browse.

Buy Guitar Tips: Is the special website price good value?

Tip 17: Wizard Worldwide sell Aria Guitars. The prices quoted include shipping and handling/post and packing and if you compare them with the suggested retail prices quoted by Aria on the site www.ariausa.com without any post or packing/shipping and handling, you will see the Wizard Worldwide price is still considerably lower than the suggested retail price indicated by Aria. However, we consider the fact we check and tune each one before we ship/post it the main benefit. Customer service is what we pride ourselves on most.

Buy Guitar Tips: If I go in the Wizard Shop, do I have to buy?

Tip 18: No. Our website shop is like a high street shop. You do not have to buy anything unless you wish to and if you want to put something back from your shopping trolley into the shop (if you have changed your mind) you can (easily). In order to enter our shop's guitar department, click on "Guitars". You can then use the grey buttons at the top to enter other Wizard Worldwide™ shop departments, look at what we have on offer and make a purchase should you wish to do so. I hope this information has been helpful. I hope you like our shop!


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