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The Wizard Worldwide Guitar System which consists of a Guitar Wizard device (a small hand-held device made from aluminum and silicone), a digital chromatic tuner and a 55-minute tutorial dvd is not aimed at those people who can already play the guitar well but those folk who would love to but as yet can't and don't have the time or inclination to learn the traditional way. At last, music is truly accessible to everybody.

The player simply moves the device up and down the fret board of an open-tuned guitar and rocks the device forwards and backwards to create all the major and minor chords with ease. This is the new way to make music. Used in conjunction with Wizard Music, complete beginners can be playing, writing and reading music within minutes.

No previous musical knowledge or training is required. You tune by eye, which is easy (rather than tuning by ear as musicians used to have to do before electronic tuners were invented, which is very difficult). You play using a Guitar Wizard device (the new way to play which means you do not need any fingering or years of lessons and practice). You read and play (and can write) music instantly using Freestyle Wizard Music since it uses numbers rather than the traditional confusing shapes of sharps, flats, double sharps, double flats and conventional notes. Wizard Code music is modern and easily accessible.

A 55-minute "How To" dvd explains everything you need to know in order to play the guitar with a Guitar Wizard device and use Freestyle Wizard Music. The dvd includes chord progressions that work for thousands of songs, the chord progression known as "twelve bar blues" so everyone can play the blues and three songs at the end to play along with using Freestyle Wizard Music that comes up on screen as the music is performed. ("Wonderful World", "Scarborough Fair" and "Travelling Man".)

The dvd shows you how to convert traditional chord symbols into Freestyle Wizard Music, without understanding what the traditional chord symbols mean, and then how to play a song on the guitar using Freestyle Wizard Music and the Guitar Wizard device. The dvd also introduces other chords, as well as major and minor chords, for those who wish to take things further, such as 4-3 suspension chord progressions. However, most people will have achieved their goal in that they are playing the guitar the same day, having learnt to play all the major and minor chords and therefore being able to play any song in any style in any key. Transposing (changing) the key of a song using the Guitar Wizard device and Wizard Music is very easy, unlike traditional music where this is very hard, and how to transpose Wizard Music instantly is explained on the dvd. The other chords shown include a dominant 7th chord for the 12 bar blues and all the major 7th chords.

Some other chords are also possible using the device, such as augmented chords, flattened 5th chords and diminished chords, but these are not essential, are hardly ever used and are readily replaced by a major or minor chord. All you need to accompany yourself, or somebody else, to play any song in any style are major and minor chords so these are what the dvd focuses on.

The system introduces you to Freestyle Wizard Music which you can read about in the Wizard Music™ link. Freestyle Wizard Music™ is just the beginning but provides a great introduction to Wizard Music.

The revolutionary Wizard Worldwide Guitar System™ is available only from Wizard Worldwide™ and this website at £89.95 including post and packing/shipping and handling. If you are not totally happy with the product, as with all the other products on this website you can return it within 30 days for a full refund (less post and packing/shipping and handling). Buy Here.

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