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Stars Say

About the Wizard Worldwide Guitar System:

Stars who have seen and tried out the Guitar Wizard™ device are excited about it. This is what these stars said when they saw and tried out the prototype:

Stars Say:

Polly Harvey, star of the world famous band P.J. Harvey, said: "The Guitar Wizard device is great for composers or singers, enabling them instantly to play guitar chords."

Stars Say:

Justine Frischmann, star and lead guitarist of the internationally-acclaimed band Elastica, said: "The Guitar Wizard device is a great way for beginners to learn to play."

Stars Say:

Barry Mason, who could not play an instrument and is the songwriter of "Delilah", "The Last Waltz", "Love Grows" and other hit songs for stars such as Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink, said: "It is a shortcut to playing. I love it."

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Friday, August 12, 2022
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